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History of District 6460

Compiled by Charles & Lee Farrar

The first clubs chartered in what is now District 6460 were chartered in 1913.  The first was Peoria as Club Number 73 on July 1, 1913.  The story often told about the formation of the club was that a group of Rotarians from Chicago came to Peoria on the train and set about the process of recruiting members for a Rotary Club.  This was followed by the same thing happening in Springfield and in August 1913 another new Rotary Club was formed.  After hearing about the new Rotary Club in Peoria a group of young business and professionals in Galesburg began meeting on April 29, 1914 but when a charter was sought the club members were told that a club could not be chartered in a city with less than 50,000 population since it was thought that the Classification Principle could not be supported in a small city.  After personally petitioning the board of directors of the International Association of Rotary Clubs the board relented and granted them a charter as Rotary Club Number 133 in December 1914 after having granted a charter to a club where the population was only 20,000 in October 1914.

A banner year for Rotary was 1915 because the decision was made to arrange the clubs into Districts and in 1915-16 those lines were implemented.  Our district was Number 8, covering the states of Illinois and Indiana, and the first District Governor was Herbert C. Angester of Chicago.  The Quincy Rotary Club was chartered in 1915.

The next club chartered in our current area was Kewanee in 1917 when our District Governor was Percival G. Rennick of Peoria, the first Governor from the area covered by our current district.

In 1918 the District Governor was J. Stanley Brown of Joliet and he saw Jacksonville and Monmouth chartered as Rotary clubs, and also saw our redistricting into District 12.

James O. Craig was the District Governor of District 12 in 1919 when Canton became a Rotary Club.

In 1920 new clubs formed were Macomb, Pekin, and Wood River in a great year for founding of Rotary Clubs and E.C. Fisher of Rock Island was the District Governor.

Alton-Godfrey Rotary Club was chartered in 1921 when Charles A. Taylor of Harrisburg oversaw the redistricting into District 19 brought about by the sharp increase in the number of Rotary Clubs around the world.

Emerit E. Baker of Kewanee, in our district, was the District Governor in 1922, and in 1923 Abingdon, Bushnell, and Galva were admitted to membership.  James M. White of Urbana was the District Governor of the newly formed District 44.

Granite City was admitted to membership as a Rotary Club 1n 1924 and looked to James L. McConoughey of Galesburg, in our current district, as the District Governor.

Another banner year was 1925!  Carlinville, Delavan, Edwardsville, and Petersburg were chartered in that year.  Mike Pontius of Jacksonville, in our district, was the District Governor.

Louis C. Moschel of Pekin was the District Governor of District 44 in 1926, and in 1927 Edwin B. Hillman of Quincy was District Governor when the Havana club was elected to membership in the fellowship of Rotary.

Mason City was admitted during the administration of District Governor Will Taylor of Springfield in 1926.  Governor Taylor later went on to become an RI Director.

Albert Peters of Peoria was the District Governor in 1929 but he saw no clubs in our current territory admitted to Rotary.  Thomas Williamson of Edwardsville was the District Governor in 1930.  1931 saw Albert H. Dollear of Jacksonville as District Governor followed by Robert L. Conn of Springfield, and then by Ira W. Bingman of Quincy but none of these five saw an increase in club numbers in what is now our area.

Our next increase in numbers was in 1935 when B. H. Thompson of Pontiac was the District Governor when Farmington was chartered.

In 1937 Ray Graham from Mason City, in our district, became the first District Governor in what has become the last major structural change to the shape of the district.  Due to growth of clubs, the east-central portion of Illinois was split off into one district (148) and the west-central portion of Illinois divided at the midline of the state to become District 146 bounded on the north by the Aledo, Cambridge and Kewanee Rotary Clubs and on the south by Highland and Collinsville.  The district designations have changed to District 212 in 1950, to District 646 in 1955 and finally to District 6460 in 1990.

The District also welcomed East Peoria and Rushville into the fellowship of Rotary in 1937.

In 1938 four clubs joined Rotary- Benld, Highland, Manito-Forest City, and Pittsfield.  Our District Governor was Phillip Dale of Granite City.

The next club that became a part of District 146 was Bethalto in 1942 when Ed W. Brown of Alton was our District Governor.

In 1945 Collinsville started a Rotary Club under aegis of Charles L. Engstrom of Peoria. Joe Hirschinger of Quincy was the District Governor who welcomed the Aledo Rotary Club into existence in 1948 and then came to visit the club on its 50th anniversary in 1998.

There is a long hiatus until 1953 before the next club was admitted to Rotary. It was Jerseyville when Claenden Van Norman of Galesburg was the District Governor.


In 1955 Washington was able to put forth a Rotary Club and George Wilkins of Granite City was the District Governor.

Five years later in 1960 Chillicothe established a Rotary club overseen by Ketric Kingmanan, District Governor from Canton.

Morton was able to put together a Rotary Club in 1965 as Ernst Tovosky of Edwardsville served as District Governor.

The next club was just one year later, 1966, when Springfield South was charterd. Springfield was the first city in our district to support two Rotary Clubs.  James A Dunlap of Jacksonville was District Governor.

In 1968 Peoria matched the accomplishment of Springfield in the District by supporting two clubs when Peoria North was organized. Hobart Blair of Virden served as District Governor.

Cambridge established a Rotary Club in 1970 while Lamont Heidinger of Edwardsville was District Governor.

In 1971 East Alton and Quincy East were founded as Joseph M. Killion of Peoria was the District Governor.

For seventeen years there were no more clubs established in the district until, in 1987, Springfield Sunrise was formed under the supervision of Richard C. Suess of Granite City.

In 1990 Galesburg Sunrise Rotary Club was formed with the assistance of District Governor Gary Judy of Monmouth.

In 1992 Land of Goshen Rotary Club was formed in the Edwardsville area while Norman D. Geyer of Morton was District Governor.

Jacksonville Sunrise was established in 1994 with District Governor Harold Camp of Bushnell overseeing the chartering.

Springfield Midtown became the fourth Club in Springfield in 2003.  It was also that year that Peoria Sunrise came into being while Charles H. Farrar of Galesburg was District Governor.

Macomb Centennial was established in 2005 with Keith Lape of Jacksonville as District Governor.

Springfield Westside, the fifth club in Springfield was chartered in 2008 while Richard Passmore of Macomb was District Governor.

In 2010 Riverbend and Silver Creek were chartered and welcomed by District Governor Larry Thompson of Alton-Godfrey

In 2015 Metro East Community was charter and welcomed by District Governor Dave Knieriem of Mason City

There have been other clubs which did not last in our District.  Their names still are missed and their history is not lost but not immediately available.  As further research is completed their names and tenure will be added.  This is by no means the final word, just a beginning.

Map of District 6460