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March Matchness – Matching Points Promotion

The Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is the source of all District Designated funds, Club Grants, Local District Scholarships and money we use to match clubs’ involvement in Global Grant initiatives. We have had two years of growth in Annual Fund giving, but as of March 1, we’re significantly behind the pace of the past two years and we need your help so that Rotary year 2023 and 2024 isn’t a scarce year.

We decided to make it fun this year with a little promotion I decided to call March Matchness.

Any contributions ( minimum $250 up to  $1,000) between Feb 27 and June 30, 2021 by Rotarians in District 6460 will be matched with Paul Harris points which have been donated by Rotarians in District 6460 as a  thank you to  those who took the time and made a donation to help the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. I want to thank all of you who contribute, especially during this crazy Pandemic year. You can have the points transferred to your Paul Harris totals, to get to your next level of recognition, or you can use them to recognize someone else. 

I also want to give special appreciation to the following Rotarians who have stepped up to donate points.

As of March 2, the following Rotarians and I  have volunteered  over 51,000 Paul Harris Recognition points to this promotion.   Thank you to points donors:

Kris Rosentreter, Leonard Berg, DG Maura Donnelly, PDG Doug Huff, PDG Mark Roberts, AG Matt Machala, PDG Rod Buffington, PDG Ron Riggins, Dan O’Brien, PDG Larry Thompson, PDG Suzanne Ellerbrock, PDG Dick Robinson, PDG Tony Williams and Jan Williams, Eli Goodman, DGND Neal Miller, and DGN Bill Durall.

If any of you are interested in donating points to this project, send me an email or call., as noted below.

Please send an email to Brian Barstead at, when you send in a donation, with the amount and your club name. If you want to use your points to recognize someone else, please provide me with details so I can help you. Points will be transferred while supplies last and will be given out in July.

This promotion is for the Annual Fund this year, and may not happen again soon. I also want to encourage clubs and individuals to use their points to recognize individuals in their clubs. If you need some help on how to donate, or how points work, or knowing how many points you have, feel free to contact Brian by email or phone 217-652-4371.