District Expense Reports/Invoices, Policies, and District Budget


Submit Expenses for reimbursement or to pay vendors.


  • District 6460 does not cover the cost of alcohol. If you have a receipt that includes alcohol, please reduce your request for reimbursement by that amount.
  • Generally, the District does not cover the cost of meals under the belief that a Rotarian would have been paying for a meal even if not on Rotary business. There are exceptions to that general statement including covering the cost of a meal when the meal is included in the cost of the Rotary event.
  • Please be prepared to attach a copy of all receipts related to the expense. Though PDF files are preferred, you may submit jpeg files. Please reduce the resolution on any jpeg file to minimize the file size while maintaining readability.

CLICK HERE to submit your expenses.  After report submission, you can click a link that will bring you back to this page to submit additional expenses or click the link for unpaid expenses where you will see the total due on your submission.

See the list of unpaid requests for reimbursement or payment.

Review paid expenses by calendar year:

Submit Expenses by Mail

To submit expenses for reimbursement by mail, click this link for the expense report form.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, please email  treasurer@rotarydistrict6460.org


District 6460 Budgets by Rotary Year