Rotary Youth Exchange


Youth Exchange Contacts

District Youth Exchange Chair
Beth Allen

District Youth Exchange Vice Chair
Sue Colby

Inbound Coordinator
Harold Watters

Outbound Coordinator
Siri Engstrom

Rebound/Rotex Coordinator
Mandy Lynn

Compliance Officer
Wes Wagner

Youth Protection Officer
Noel Beard

District Governor 2022-2023
Bill Durall




2022-2023 Rotary District 6460 Youth Exchange Students

Inbound Students

Ana/Brazil in Springfield

Anna/Denmark in Jacksonville

Elva/Taiwan in Macomb

Wendela/Sweden in Galesburg

JP/Italy in Carlinville

Jule/Germany in Quincy

Konsta/Finland in Peoria

Mark/Thailand in Springfield

Marti/Chile in Springfield

Outbound Students

Mark/Springfield in France

Ko’u/Springfield in Germany

Carmen/Springfield in Germany


Types of Exchanges

Long Term Exchange:  The exchange student travels abroad and attends school in the host country for a full year.  The will have opportunities to participate in camps, meetings, and trips.  They will be immersed in the language & culture of their host country.  The student ambassador will be hosted by a local Rotary Club who will supervise the one to three host families they will live with.

Rotary Clubs that are interested in sponsoring or hosting exchange students should email the Inbound Coordinator listed above.

Students that are interested in participating should download the Preliminary Application Outbound Youth Exchange Form attached and send it to the Outbound Coordinator listed above.


Central States Youth Exchange Website

Central States Website
Note: Insurance Policies, Claim Forms, and Instructions are on the website under “Forms”